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At Lafiandra, which they started in 2003, Brenda, handles the front of house, while Cataldo cooks every dish in the kitchen. With an entensive selection of antipasti, homemade pasta, risotto and main courses, the 80 seater ristorante offers a usually wide section of typically Italian fare. Says Cataldo, “I believe that everything should be cooked a la minute. There is no such thing as a quick meal here at my ristorante.”

Here, our food speaks for itself, and as far as comforting flavours and good value are concerned, it speaks volumes.

Homemade Pasta

Pasta from Italia

Lafiandra boasts pasta recipes all the way from Italia.

Brisked with an elegant touch

A Cozy Italian Setting located in the center of town

Our Specialties

Dishes that are Chef's favourite

Experience a taste of Lafiandra below…

Vitello Tonnato

Thin sliced roast veal with tuna mayonnaise

Spigola Alla Griglia

Fresh air-flown whole seabass.